Omaha Tree Nursery

Premium trees and shrubbery for a backyard paradise

Sunrise Lawn & Garden is the number one destination in Omaha for residential and commercial clients looking to plant trees that will grow and thrive in Nebraska’s unpredictable climate. Our on-site nursery allows you to choose from a wide variety of trees to find the ideal type for your home or landscaping project. Choose from a variety of evergreen, coniferous, deciduous, or fruit trees to provide the perfect complement to your yard and garden. Our team of professional landscapers and gardening specialists will help you every step of the way, from tree selection and care instructions to delivery and installation! 

At Sunrise Lawn & Garden, we’re passionate about delivering each and every customer with value, beauty and confidence when you purchase a plant or tree from our Omaha nursery center. Our Omaha tree nursery combines professional know-how with the highest-quality seedlings to ensure that our trees offer a lifetime of beauty, appeal and enjoyment. 

In addition to helping you select the ideal type of tree for your yard, our landscaping specialists can also help advise on placement and installation. Strategically placed trees can offer privacy, and wind protection for your property, and even act as a snow break! Meanwhile, a lovely shade tree can help create cool, relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors and relax in the comfort of your own backyard. A properly-positioned shade tree can even help you reduce water bills and save on your energy bills. 

There are endless reasons to install new trees to any residential and commercial property, and at Sunrise Lawn & Garden, we’re here to help you find the perfect tree, placement, and care plan to keep your new trees thriving and growing for years to come. Come visit the Omaha nursery at Sunrise Lawn & Garden today and talk with one of our experts!